Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organisation

Animal Protection Society Samoa

A not-for-profit animal health and welfare organisation providing veterinary services primarily for dogs and cats.


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Who are we

Animal Protection Society Samoa

APS Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary services for domestic animals are available at the APS Clinic in Vailima. Your pet needs veterinary care from soon after birth and throughout their life whenever they are sick or injured. Routine veterinary services include:

  • health check,
  • vaccination,
  • flea and tick treatment,
  • de-sexing and
  • other surgery.

Our qualified volunteers and staff also provide advice to owners about how to provide the care pets need. Making sure your pet stays healthy also helps your family to stay healthy.

Bookings are preferred for routine veterinary services – phone 22403 to make an appointment.

What we do

Our Services

Spay and Neuter

One of the most important things you can do for your pet is have them de-sexed.  This operation is referred to as ‘spay’ for females and ‘neuter’ and for males.

animal rescue & re-homing

A re-homing service for stray and abandoned animals.  This is very often new or recently born puppies or kittens, but sometimes older animals are available for adoption. 

Home Visits

For people with several pets or who are unable to transport their pets to APS Clinic, all the routine veterinary services available at the clinic can be provided through our Home Visiting Service. 

Emergency Service

When APS Clinic is closed, APS provides an after-hours service for genuine, life-threatening emergencies. Examples of genuine emergencies include: road trauma, poisoning, serious injury.

Community outreach

When funds and the availability of veterinary professionals permit, APS provides services at the village level through outreach clinics.  Villages located at least 15km from Apia  can request an outreach clinic provided that all the necessary arrangements for hosting the clinic – venue, lunch for the APS staff and confirmation that at least 15 animals will be brought to the outreach clinic for desexing.  In recent years village de-sexing has been made possible through sponsorship and support from the South Pacific Animal Welfare (SPAW based in NZ).

Be a Responsible Pet Owner – Give Your Pet:


  • Food and fresh water (every day)
  • Shelter
  • Veterinary Care
  • De-Sexing
  • Play and Companionship

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Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Being a responsible pet owner means ensuring your pet’s basic needs are met.  The 5 basic needs are:

  1. Food and fresh water (every day)
  2. Shelter
  3. Veterinary Care
  4. De-Sexing
  5. Play and Companionship
Adopt a Pet

APS takes in injured, sick or abandoned stray animals and finds loving, forever homes for them.  Before being re-homed, all animals are treated for any illnesses, de-sexed, vaccinated and treated for parasites.  If the animal is too young to be vaccinated or de-sexed you will receive a voucher with a discounted rate, to be used at the appropriate time.


Animals available for adoption are advertised on APS Facebook Page (search for ‘APS Samoa’).  People wanting to adopt an animal can call APS Clinic at any time on 22403.  If no animals are available at the time, your name can be added to the waiting list.


Looking after and feeding stray and abandoned animals is costly.  People who are not able to offer an animal a home can help in other ways.  Donations of newspapers, sheets, towels, dog/ cat food, cat litter, dog toys or monetary donations are all useful and will be gratefully received.

Become an APS Member

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the welfare and protection of domestic animals. It costs WST20 to become a registered member of APS. A subscription fee of WST20 is payable annually. Subscription fees are usually paid at the Annual General Meeting where current members have voting rights.

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This project was funded under the Australian High Commissioner’s Direct Aid Program (DAP).




Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease that can produce life-threatening illness. If you suspect your dog has symptoms get in contact with us asap.

bad foods

Did you know that onions and garlic can be extremely toxic to your pet?

Desex your feline friends

1 female cat and her offspring can produce more than 400,000 cats in their lifetime. Call the clinic to book in your cats desexing procedure.


At the end of Avele Rd, past SPREP, in the MAF Compound, Vailima

Opening Hours

M-F: 9am – 3pm
S-S: Closed (emergencies only)


+685 22403
+685 7522403 (after hours emergencies)